Leisure Activities & Sport

Catch the freedom from the demands of work & duties

Book with me for any sports activities indoor or outdoor. Using the latest technology we are able to capture activities, at an astonishing 20 frames per second with a longer telephoto lens, so you never miss the best moments. I will be there on time to follow the activities from start to finish.


Weekday evenings and weekend shoots are available.


Bookings for sports activities outside the United Kingdom are available (deposit required).




10 high quality processed and edited digital photos shared in a private online folder.




High-quality print(s) (unframed).




An additional transportation charge applies for activities outside the 50 miles radius from Milton Keynes, UK.

Price: £75.00 (1 hour)

Price: £119.00 (2 hours)


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Address: Stephenson House, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK2 2AF, United Kingdom



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