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What about surprising your family or your special loved one with a beautiful set of photos of yourself? Are you an aspiring model or actor who needs a portfolio to show your potential and talent?

Don't look any further! We offer fun photo shoot sessions with professional results that you will love. During the one hour session, we quickly build up a working relationship and put you at ease. Shooting location to be agreed individually. During the shoot, both artificial and natural lights will be used to deliver the best result.


Outcome: 5-10 high quality processed digital photos shared online with the client. Request for more photos is possible at extra cost.

Price highly depends on your needs and the time required for the photo shoot. The price is an indication for a standard one-hour long session (at least 2 hours is recommended considering multiple changing of outfits.).

Weekday evenings and weekend night shooting is available.


10-15 high quality processed and edited digital photos shared in a private online folder.

Price: £69.00 (1 hour)

Price: £109.00 (2 hours)


High-quality print(s) (unframed).

Limited time offer for an

hour-long outdoor photoshoot

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Be yourself the Christmas present for your loved ones. Book a session now.


Weekdays evening and weekend night shooting are possible. Offer ends 30 November 2018.

Price: £49.00 (1 hour)

Price: £89.00 (2 hours)


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