Modelling Portfolio Building

Build up your portfolio and

confidence at the same time

We cater to all levels of modelling experience. Generally speaking, you will need several face shots, full body shots, serious looking and smiling shots. If you are or want to be a fashion model you have to have editorial, fashion shoots where you can give a glimpse of extravagant yourself.


You might also be asked by your agency or client to present a swimsuit or lingerie portfolio. We offer an optional swimsuit photoshoot.

We help you with the selection of photos for the portfolio. The selected photos will be professionally edited.

Price depends on your needs and time required for the photo shoot. The set price is just an indication for a basic one-hour long session (at least 2 hours is recommended).



15-20 high quality processed and edited digital file shared in a private online photo album.

One of the most important preparations for a modelling career is to show your full potential and attract future clients. Your face, body and look will "sell" you if you have the skills, and you are comfortable with the camera or public appearance. To present yourself, essential steps have to be made, and one of them is creating a winning portfolio.


We offer an affordable, easy going but a serious professional session for you.


For the shoot, you please provide your chosen outfit and accessories. It is a bonus if you are good with your own make-up but we can offer professional service from our partners.

We patiently guide you throughout the shoot if you are just entering this industry. but we leave you to do your job if you are experienced and just need your portfolio updated.

Price: £99.00 (1 hour)

Price: £179.00 (2 hours)


Beautifully printed portfolio book including your best photos and a short bio with all your details


Weekdays evening and weekend night shooting is available.


Be Our Partner or Model

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