Pregnancy & Maternity

Picture the bond between you and your baby in the bump

Besides getting married, pregnancy is probably the most emotional period of your life and once your baby is born you leave those special times behind.


Book with me and start your baby album with a series of beautiful photographs of your pregnancy. You will feel comfortable as the shooting session will take place at your home. You can pick your desired dresses and get changed in your own territory.


I do 1 or 2 hours sessions depending on the number of outfits you wish to wear. You can combine your maternity photoshoot with boudoir photography to surprise your other half with stunning suggestive photos. It's your time to shine and we will fully support you to feel confident and relaxed.


A series of beautiful photos in digital (10-15 photos) uploaded to your private online folder.


Order a beautifully crafted and printed photo album with the selected photos.

Price: £75.00 (1 hour)

Price: £119.00 (2 hours)


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