Extend your wedding memories with the full documentation of your honeymoon

Okay, this is not a usual service offer you every day hear about. We offer a high-quality photography service for documenting your honeymoon adventures from airport and back. It means I travel with you and my job will be covering all the major events of your travel with full respect of your privacy and intimacy, unless required otherwise. The package includes mainly candid-style portrait, landscape, wildlife, event and occasionally food photography. Other private sessions can also be added.

Extras (optional)

  • Special private sessions, like boudoir photography for the couple or separately.

  • Printed travel album of the best photos

  • Printed travel storybook of your honeymoon

Price varies, depending on the destination, and accommodation. Apart from the service fee, the total price includes the photographer's travel, transportation and accommodation costs, excludes food/drinks and gift shopping.

Service fee:

£499/day (including all photography services with a maximum of 13 hours photography a day)


Printed Travel Album: £....

Printed Travel Story Book: £...


25% of the total service fee to be paid at the time of booking.


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